How it works!

As the pitch of the propellers is synchronously varying while rotating, dust on blades with solar panels is self-cleaned. Its world’s first true Hybrid Solar + Wind technology, along with self-cleaning & self-cooling solar cells reducing maintenance costs. It’s possible to use single, dual or quad propellers configuration on a single mast. It's easy to adapt to any winds direction, a yaw mechanism is simplified and more efficiently controlled. Resilient to turbulence and it is flexible with less stringent site requirements, many bad sites for standard wind turbines are good sites for SunPlower’s propeller. Scalable to any size, supporting strings can be added for extra stability.

Applicable Uses

Wind Turbine Applications:
  • Building roofs, corners, mountain slopes
  • Mobile phone tower power
  • Remote power for highways & agriculture
  • Small & Medium scale industry
  • Scalable to Off-shore turbines with supporting strings
Other SunPlower Propeller Applications:
  • Tidal/Hydro (without a dam)
  • Kite power generation
  • Drones/Air Taxis
  • Boats, Ships, and Submarines

Drones/Air Taxi

World's First Directional Thrust controlled propeller:

During Vertical take-off/landing air is pushed down providing vertical thrust.

Blade's pitch is changed during operation to change the direction of thrust.

Allowing quick switch to horizontal thrust mode for fast flight.

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