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Where are Wheels for Air & Water?

We, humans, are using wheels (Rad - German/Rath - Sanskrit) for ages. We use the 14th-century screw almost everywhere on land, air & water!! Where are the wheels for Air & Water? Wheels cover 10-15x more distance (2πr) in comparison to a screw which moves only by 1 pitch per rotation. Wheels are faster and smoother compared to noisy and cutting (birds & fish) screw propellers. The fact is we still don't have the compact wheel for air & water which is effective & efficient! Note: Paddle wheels are for water surfaces, they don't work when fully submerged in water.
Introducing the world's first compact & scalable 360⁰ directional "Radial Wheel" for Power & Thrust Generation in both Air & Water!

SunPlower Propeller
A propeller/wheel which looks like our SUN.

A propeller that can be used for Wind and Hydropower generation & also thrust generation for Drones, Air Taxis, Boats, Ships & Submarines efficiently and at the same time silently (10x lower RPM w.r.t a screw!).

SunPlower Propeller will revolutionize the way we humans harvest renewable energy (Wind & Hydro/Tidal) and also the way we travel in air and water. Enabling more sustainable and eco-friendly energy & transport for future generations.

Driving the World by “Harvesting the Ultimate Source”

Power Generation

Thrust Generation

Renewable Energy Harvesting Disruption

Harvesting renewable energy using wind, hydro, and tidal energy leveraging disruptive propeller technology.

Ecofriendly: Low noise and no bird, insect, or fish cutting.

World’s first Inclined Axis Wind Turbine (IAWT) propeller uses both lift and drag efficiently and reduces expensive & heavy masts costs. Easy to manufacture in comparison to expensive 3D curved propellers. Even fabric can be used for making lightweight propeller blades. Reducing masts costs and foundation requirements significantly.

World's first truly compact (cone-shaped) and easy-to-install (no mast required) solution for powering remote: communication towers, border security control/monitoring towers, forest-fire-detection/weather-monitoring towers, eliminating the need for expensive & polluting diesel generators. 


Propeller Technology Disruption

Breakthrough in Fluid propulsion of both air and water more efficiently and effectively with SunPlower propeller.
Drones/Air Taxis can take off vertically like a helicopter and fly fast horizontally like an airplane. No need for expensive and risky hinges on engines or wings. SunPlower propeller thrust direction can be easily changed during operation just by changing the blade pitch.
SunPlower Propeller enables more efficient and dynamic propulsion than VSP (Voith Schneider Propeller), bringing disruption in Boats, Ships, and Submarines propulsion technology.

Sun is the ultimate source of all energy

Harvesting all renewable energy leveraging 

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1Hr of solar energy entering the earth's atmosphere is sufficient for all human needs for 1 year.

Moving air and water is stored concentrated solar energy.

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